terra firma (grendelity) wrote in bas_lag,
terra firma

fangirl art dump

After finally getting my hands on Kraken a couple of months ago, I've been working through a reread of my Bas-Lag books. I love Miéville's writing so much, and the art bug won't go away. So a bit of a dump! Assorted sketches and characters and things. I think everyone following my sketchblog has gotten tired of me blathering, haha.

Mostly self-explanatory, I think. :|a

Perdido Street Station //

[This is definitely one that was me feeling out the idea of the design; I think I'll go back and rework it eventually, if I have some time and fervor.]

The Scar //

Comments welcome! I'm just going to, um, be over here. Doodling.
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